No one wanted to rescue this little Chihuahua! What happened next was amazing

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It is easy to understand why dogs that end up in the shelters usually get vicious to other dogs and humans, after fighting for food in the street, abused by people; they feel that they have to protect themselves

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This video is about the story of adoption of a little Chihuahua; Tammy is a kind of a dog whisperer, and she has seen his picture and she felt that the Chihuahua is scared and is needed to be rescued, so she drove down to Philadelphia to meet the dog and asked to adopt her, she took the dog and called her Sunshine. At first, she faced some difficulties; even though she spent 8 months rehabilitating her. Her story proves that all what dogs like sunshine needs is a second chance, inside every homeless dog, a nice one that just needs to be loved and cared.

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Around 2.7 million adoptable dogs and cats are euthanized each year in the United States simply because too many people give up their pets, and too few people adopt from shelters. Because there is limited space at shelters, staff members sometimes need to make very hard decisions to euthanize animals who haven’t been adopted. Many dogs end up in shelters because of circumstances beyond their control. They were victims of a death in the family, illness, divorce or a move that didn’t include them. Some were displaced by a new baby.
Now open your house for an abandoned dog, be his loving companion, give him that chance that he needs after his miserable life, be the “Tammy” to any “abandoned” dog. Open your house to them, give them the forever home. and remember, nothing is more precious than having a dog friend, and it will be more precious if you were the reason why he is alive till now.
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