Not Knowing These 11 Symptoms Could Lose You Your Dog’s Life

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Certainly, one crucial key to define serious medical issues is being attentive to what is going on in our bodies. Unfortunately, our beloved pets cannot tell us when they feel that there is something wrong inside their bodies.

Just as in humans, there are symptoms in dogs that can be definitive for certain diseases. Besides keeping an eye on our dogs, one basic role as dog owners is to keep in mind the specific symptoms that indicate a call for action. This is extremely effective for keeping our dogs happy and healthy.

As medical advice cannot be replaced, the exclusive info collected in this article will help tell you when your dog needs medical attention.

The first thing you have to do when you notice these symptoms is to get it checked by someone who can exactly understand how it really feels, a vet.

I have gathered a lot of information while dealing with dogs for many years. These are the most important symptoms that I’m glad to know!


Unexplained weight loss


Unexplained weight loss in dogs is never a good sign; it means that there is something seriously wrong with them which needs medical attention.

You cannot risk that the explanation of your dog’s weight loss is a normal dietary which is caused by unserious appetite loss. Other explanations can be neuromuscular diseases, metabolic diseases, heart, and cancer diseases.

Losing a pound shouldn’t be taken seriously as a cause of alarm, but sudden and unexplained loss of 10 percent of your dog’s normal weight should be considered as an alarm; it needs to be taken for a check right away.