Officer Hears Loud Splash, Then He Spots A Small Dog Struggling In A Murky Lagoon


Police officers go above and beyond to protect lives and to serve communities. Typically, when it comes to mentioning how police officers take an oath to protect and to serve, that refers to fellow humans. However, one amazingly brave and kind-hearted man in blue’s vow extends toward all living creatures.

Milwaukee police officer Joseph Spingola and a fellow officer were on patrol on July 5, 2017, in McGovern Park. At around 6:00 p.m., the two officers were helping kids get their fishing line untangled from a bush when they heard a loud splashing sound.

At first, officer Spingola had no idea what was causing the loud sound. Then it turned out that the source of the splash was a small poodle falling into a lagoon.

While the kind-hearted officer attempted to dash over and grab the 8-year-old dog out of the water, the adventurous pup apparently had little to no sense of danger, because right after he got out, he jumped right back in!

The dog swam 45 feet away of the shore before getting tangled in the weeds. When officer Spingola realized the dog got in trouble, he didn’t hesitate to plunge into the water to save him when a passerby caught it all on video.

“It’s a life! Something that’s in distress. That’s what we are here for,” the officer Spingola said.

At this time, the dog’s owner has not been located yet. The healthy pup was named Phelps for the Olympic swimmer, and he is currently in the care of the Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission.

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Via Little Things