Once her owner went back home, she had a special way to say “I miss you”


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The way that our pets show us how they love us is very pure and amazing, they can give endless love, based on the kind bond between them and their owners. Sully the very heavy St. Bernard dog, is showing love in his own way. When his owner came back home from work, he pinned him down and started to hug him and lick him. That’s how he is telling him that he missed him deeply, he tried so many times to get up but he was refusing that completely. It was like he is saying “Please don’t go, stay for a while.” He is so loving and caring. The best feeling ever is when you feel that your dog is happy to see you; it’s a very special moment when your dog shows you how much it loves you.

The Saint Bernard dogs are called the giants; the beautiful breed’s first origin was in Italy. Surprisingly, their weight can reach 120 kg; they are heavy and huge, but it can’t be less than 60 kg. Their life span is from 8 to 10 years old. They are not a good companion in jogging due to their heavy weight, also it’s very hard for them to deal with hot weather, so in summer you have to help them to refresh, a cold water shower will be a good idea, and dogs like them find their happiness in snow.

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This video was uploaded on YouTube and everyone was very amazed with the size of the dog and the way he loves his owner. Your world is amazing when dogs are in it, so if you like this video, share it with all your friends.