Orphaned Chihuahua Puppies Have Second Chance, Thanks To Unexpected Surrogate Mom!

There is nothing ever similar to the instinct of a mother to nurture and protect. New mother kitties are with history of being the sweet caregivers and protectors for orphan baby animals of different species; and I will never forget about that cat who adopted three ducklings after they lost their mom!


In May 2014, a two years old mama kitty, named Nessy, was nursing her four own kittens, when two Chihuahua newborns joined the family! Although the Siamese mix cat had recently given birth to her own four adorable kittens, she loved to be the protector and caregiver for the two newborn Chihuahua mix puppies.


The Chihuahua puppies’ mother refused to take care of them after they were born premature. Luckily for two orphans, Nessy just loved them and did not mind nursing them, and she really had made a great job!


According to Debra Cantwell, SPCA adoption coordinator, they took the two newborn Chihuahua puppies and put them to Nessy to see if she would love them, luckily for the orphans, the mama cat had taken no time to love them; she looked like she felt that the poor Chihuahua babies were just so weak and in a very bad need for a mom! Amazingly, they all bonded and loved to play together while the puppies were happily growing up with Nessy’s family!


After the two Chihuahua tiny puppies have grown big enough, they were adopted. Luckily for animal lovers all over the world, the video below remained as a sweet footage of the adorable happy family when the puppies were very much tinny! Oh my gosh, just watch how sweet and happy they are all together!



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