Owner Walks Into A High Kill Shelter Saying “I Would Like To Donate My Dog”

On Friday, Bear lived his worst nightmare when his owner took him into East Valley Animal Shelter in Van Nuys, to leave him there all alone.  He also explained I would like to donate my dog to your shelter.”

A volunteer there watched that awful scene, kept his eyes on the dog’s face which changed into a painful look of fear!

The dog seemed to sense that something awful was about to happen!

“We watched as he took selfies with the dog kissing his face while telling the ACT that the dog was taking too much room and that he just lives on the side of the house ever since the new baby came,” retold the volunteer.

To add more excuses to his actions, the dog owner admitted to having kept the dog all alone on the side of the house and completely isolated it!

Bear suffers the consequences of an owner who is irresponsible. Unfortunately, there was no mention if the dog had been well trained to socialize or not.

Now Bear needs time until he is familiar with the volunteers at the shelter.  They are hoping to do so as soon as possible.

Why don’t you stop by and visit the gorgeous dog?!

Bear is a four-year-old black and brown Rottweiler and German Shepherd mix. He weights around 84 pounds. His reference is #A1159952.

Share his plea with your family and friends to spread it all over social media. The animal shelter is located at 14409 Vanowen, Van Nuys, California, Phone: (818) 756-9323/4.