Owners Demanding Their ‘Disgusting’ Dog Be Put Down

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Like any decent human, you would think, when Nik Nak’s owners took him to a local vet, they were caring for their friend and wanted to check on his health!

If that’s the case, then good!

But this isn’t the case in this story! Instead, the owners brought Nik Nak to a local vet because they were convinced he was “disgusting” and they demanded the vet put him down!

This is Unbelievable!!

The vet technicians were shocked! They accepted to take the poor Corgi mix, but what they didn’t do, was put him down, like his  owners requested. Instead, they sought Slidewalk Specials’ help.

The rescue in Cape Town, South Africa agreed to help the devastated dog.  They took him into their shelter.

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At first, they thought he had mange, because he was covered with scabs and was losing his fur, too! But after the vet’s medical checkup, he was diagnosed with severe malnutrition and a possible allergy to ticks and fleas.

Kam Nurock decided to be Nik Nak’s foster, and ensured the dog would get better, regain his health again and find a forever home with a real loving family who would love and take care of him, unconditionally!

Nik Nak became a very happy dog and got a new name, NEWMAN, just like his new life! His journey is a real inspirational one.  His before and after pictures are far beyond amazing!

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He looks like a new dog with a new life; he deserves to be loved and cared for.

He is not disgusting at all! His owners were heartless and irresponsible people who don’t deserve to have him!

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