People Dive Into Flooded Water To Save Their Horses!

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Recently, a series of deadly floods occurred in Houston due to the inordinately high rainfall. Things seemed dire when creek waters rose about 25 feet above their normal level. Floods were truly historic, as they displaced hundreds and, sadly, took lives. When nature strikes like this, some pets and animals could be forgotten behind, but not in this case!

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70 of the 75 horses in the Cypress Trails Equestrians were able to escape the tumultuous flooding. While the remaining horses were completely submerged in the flooding waters, people were not allowing the floods to sweep them away. Luckily, we got the below footage of this truly heroic rescue mission.

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When a group of horses was about to meet a tragic fate, some amazing men and women decided to risk their own lives to bring them back to safety. Courageously, folks challenged the unstable waters and dove into flooded waters to retrieve the stuck horses, one by one. Definitely, it was an incredible sight to be seen, and fortunately, we got this heroic rescue on a video!

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One of the rescuers said these touching words to the ABC News, “These are not just horses. They are a part of the family, so I would come out here like I would do for anyone a part of my family. Got to go save them.”

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What about you? Would you risk your own life to rescue your beloved animal? Please tell us in a comment below.

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Scroll down to watch the amazing rescue video below!

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