People Wanted This Puppy To Be Killed Until These People Came And Save Her


A helpless and severely emaciated puppy was living the worst part of her life. The poor puppy’s condition was dangerous and moreover  some people were calling for her to be “caught  and destroyed in case she was diseased”.

The poor puppy  was clearly suffering from a sever mange. She was a homeless dog who wandered the streets of Bulgaria and she was at high risk of being killed when Rudozen Street Dog Rescue (RSDR) was told about her condition.


The rescue group was so worried about her safety and  decided to search and find her:

“We know the abuse that even a healthy looking street dog will suffer, getting kicked, chased off and having things thrown at them, so we could imagine what might be happening to this poor dog,” said Diane Rowles, one of the RSDR founders on Facebook.


Diane and Tony  who is also from RSDR drove to the town and searched for the poor puppy and eventually they found her. Tony called for her and she immediately responded to his call and came to him!

 “She was cowering as she approached but she was just so desperate for contact. She has to be one of the saddest cases we have seen,” wrote Rowles.


The next few days, the poor puppy was receiving medical treatment, antibiotics, worm medications and baths for the mange and she started to get rid of the ticks covering her body.


Her front legs have a deformity that may be caused by malnutrition or congenital, but she got splints to help in making them strong.

Slowly, her hair began to grow again!

Her recovery journey took a while but the bright side that she was starting to look and be healthy again! Just look at her now, she looks fabulous! She was given Khaleesi to be her name. After 18 months of her rescue, she still waits for a forever home!