Pet Owners Share How Their Dog Died Of Unexpected Reason

07-03-2016 01-21-29 م
Vets have urged pet owners to vaccinate their animals after a dog contracted a contagious disease and died in Aberdeen.

Leptospirosis is passed on through the urine of the infected animals and recent flooding in the North East may have helped in spreading the disease.

A human can catch this infection and it is fatal because it leads to serious health problems such as jaundice and organ failure.

The senior vet at the Aberdeen PDSA Pet Hospital, Fiona Gregge, said that:


“The bacteria spread through the urine of an infected animal, often rats. Flooding can increase the risk of contracting the disease, which causes symptoms including vomiting, jaundice, lethargy, fever and organ failure.”

Vaccination is a good way to protect pets against that disease and stop the disease from spreading any further.  Ms. Gregge also said:

“It’s incredibly sad to see a pet suffering like that, especially when a quick vaccination or booster could have prevented this. Given the recent flooding in the area, I’d advise all owners to make sure their pets’ vaccinations are up to date”.

This is so important issue that we all should pay more attention to when it comes to our beloved pets’ health and our health too!


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