Pets camouflaged! But you have to look twice

Pets are always the best part in our day; they never fail to make us laugh. And in these pictures, pets did not fail to blend in and hide. The first picture made me smile; this cat can simply sleep peacefully and not be noticed. Then there’s a cat sitting in what seems to be a rug, and it could easily not be seen too, and they call it camouflage. The next picture made me “aww” because this kitten is just adorable! I actually don’t think the dog is aware of her existence in his fur. This cat also is sleeping on the bed and she is barely recognizable, and she looks comfortable too!

The next dog looks like a towel, how hilarious is that? He is simply adorable. The cat in the next picture made me laugh hard, how her skin looks exactly like the cat’s face skin, and it’s adorable. The cat next to the potatoes is a little bit noticeable, but it still looks adorable. Another kitten sleeping in the dog’s fur, how cute is that? The next cat is too comfy and is just adorable, how she is sleeping is just cute. Which one is the ball? That was my question when I saw the next picture, take care doggie, they might play football with you! Teddy bear or a dog? Find the real one; this is adorable. Then there is a framed cat, but it isn’t really framed, is it? Sleeping on the book, or in the book? This cat looks exactly like the cat on the cover, LOL. Cat rugs are awesome, so if you have black cats on your rug, you should have a black cat too like this one. My favorite was the lizard in the end; its camouflage is just so professional.