Pharells sings “Happy” for incredible Dogs


The most suitable word to describe a life with a pet, a puppy or a dog is (the most incredible of all). But the most suitable word to describe a dog is (happy). A song for Pharrell Williams called “Happy” which is used before in the movie “Despicable Me” has been applied for some happy dogs. Showing how much funny and cute are they. Their actions are giving an awesome mood for the song, especially the lyrics are so matching after the re-writing, just to suite the situation:

I might be waggy but I wanna play

I’m your best friend, you can get awake

I deserve a treat cuz I’m a fluffy baby

I got hair, shakin’ the air, doggy by the day, because I’m Happy”

You will have so much fun while watching this, you will sing clap, dance, and feel happiness everywhere… it is a simple invitation to be happy , and a nice way to start an adorable cheering and optimistic day.

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Animals are great dancers, and here is the proof. You can see the various types of animals dancing only in one song, “push it”. Parrots, dogs, cats, bears and some insects also are in it, they simply go with the beat, and you won’t stop dancing with them. So watch this funny video showing those cute and hilarious animals dancing, and make sure to raise the volume, and enjoy the beat.

so watch this funny video and if you find it hilarious, share it with your family and friends.

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