This pig was born without hind legs, what his owner made for him is PRECIOUS!

3-1-2015 7-09-37 PM

It’s the first time that I saw something like this, this pig is so cute, Chris P. Bacon, yes! Surprisingly, this is his name, I told you this pig is special, but the name is not the only thing that made him special, this pig was born without hind legs, he walked and moves only by using his front legs. If you think this will stop him, you are totally wrong, nothing can stop this cute pig, there’s still no one stopping this piglet! His veterinarian adopted him lately and he made for him the best thing ever, he made cool wheels for the cute pig, which helped him to move and play around as he wants, and since he used these cute wheels he turned out to be a celebrity, you can see his sweet adventures all over the internet.

Piglet on Wheels, Florida, America - 12 Feb 2013

When Chris P. Bacon grew up, the homemade wheels were too little for him, and now this amazing costume made wheelchair is ready for him, to complete the ride. This pet is a happy one, he deserves to play and have fun despite the disability he has. And as his owner said, all that he does in his day is play and have fun.

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Pigs are cute and funny, they are adorable pets, and as it seems in the video, it’s amazing to own them with other pets. Also they are clean and neat; they are not like what some people think. Pigs’ life span is about 20 years on average. They are very playful, full of energy, and intelligent. But they need some special help. So, if it’s your first time to own a cute pig pet, check first if it’s legal in your region and if it’s a yes, we will help you figure it out, and let you know what you should do and how to get prepared.