Pinky The Dolphin Was Spotted Again, But This Time She Has A Surprise!

9-23-2015 3-48-44 PM

Remember Pinky? She is the world’s favorite creature on earth. Pinky amazed everyone with how adorable she looks. Pinky the dolphin was seen again in Lake Charles in Louisiana. Erik Rue, the one who first spotted Pinky the dolphin, is now back with lots of news about pinky the dolphin.

Erik Rue has taken lots of pictures for the dolphin, and he had surprised us by the news. First of all, Erik Rue is believed to be the first one who spotted the pink dolphin, he said also that he is the first one to take a photo of her, and he also said that lately he is spending a lot of time following her and capturing photos for her. He said that Pinky is officially a female dolphin.

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Because he loves to watch her, he saw her mating, which proves that pinky is a female, and she may get pregnant soon. Well, the dream may come true; we may have lots of pink dolphins in the world.

Her color was not typically pink and the truth is that this pink skin is resulting from the blood vessels under her skin, and it’s masked with the skin pigments. And because a lot of blood vessels and capillaries on the skin of the dolphin, when their temperature increases, the blood vessels expand, so the pink color apparently appears. So this glamourous pink color comes from the blood. That circulation of blood vessels happens normally to all dolphins but because of the color of their skin, it doesn’t appear.

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Pinky is healthy and well; year by year she is located and looks amazingly wonderful. Pinky was discovered eight years ago, and each time she is seen, she amazes everyone. But according to Erik Rue, we are waiting for the happy news .