This pit bull dog didn’t have a chance to survive, till that man saw her photo.


It’s amazing to see a dog that had finally got that second chance at life. This is a very touching story about the most beautiful pit bull dog ever. So here you are about to meet Peanut. Peanut the pit bull dog was a rescued dog, but sadly, she arrived to the shelter in the worst situation ever. She was sick and tired, starving, and in a desperate need for help. But thankfully, the help was there at the same time that Peanut arrived.



Nadine Sipos Swart, she was in the shelter at the same time that Peanut the pit bull dog was there, and when she asked about her, they told her about the horrible situation of the pit bull dog. Nadine captured a photo of the pit bull dog and posted it on Facebook, and what happened next was very heartwarming. The photo got over than 27,000 views. And thankfully, between all the viewers, there was the real savior.


Joshua Cummings saw the picture and he decided to adopt peanut, the name that he gave her, and the trip of recovery started from this point. Special medications, special food, special treatments, and those special treatments of love and care, all of that helped Peanut to recover.


Peanut’s amazing personality shone; she started to play and have fun, playing with her other pit bull brothers. Watching the before and after photos will amaze you, it’s simply showing how love can change everything, how caring can change a life, and how it’s amazing to give a second chance to a poor dog.


After people saw the before and after photos, they got amazed, and all thanks to Joshua who saw that bright side in her personality.


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