Pit bull puppy invites a 3-legged bloodhound dog to play.


This video will make you smile; it will give you lots of happy and joyful moments. This puppy is so playful, at first, you will think that this is a puppy that is playing with his Bloodhound dog friend, but if you just focused, you will find that the Bloodhound dog has 3 legs only. Maybe it’s a funny video after all, but there are so many happy feelings in it. This video really shows how amazing the owners of this dog are, they ignored the disability of their Bloodhound dog, and they still give him love and care. I am thankful that he had been given a home; he also has a new puppy friend, as you see in the video. The little puppy is trying his best to let the 3 legged Bloodhound dog play with him, I am pretty sure that this puppy is making him feel better. Sadly, the bloodhound dog was not interested at all, but the little puppy didn’t give up on him and he kept on trying. As the owner of this bloodhound dog said, now the situation is different, the puppy and the bloodhound dog are best friends now, they are good and close. Watch the video below and share it with your family and friends.

The best thing about the video is that 3 legged dog; it’s amazing to see people caring about their pets even if they are with a disability. Lots of owners give up on their pets, they leave them in any shelter and replace their dog with any other healthy pet, those people are so mean, they use them as just an entertaining thing, and once it gets useless, they throw him away. Sadly, healthy animals are adopted more easily than the ones who really suffer, they need our love and care, and they need homes. What those owners did is really precious.