Police are warning these car crimes are on the rise

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Police call these thieves “sliders” as they wait for people to get out of their cars, especially in gas stations, and then sneak into the cars for stealing anything of value. Police across the United States warn people with cars from these thieves as many stealing incidents have been caught on cameras. Multiple footages are showing them sneaking through the passenger door before sliding back after stealing purses and any other valuables from unsuspecting victims without they even notice.

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The slippery thieves are mostly targeting women, as they tend to leave their purses in the passenger seat while they are filling the car tank, which makes it easy for those robbers to snatch them. They wait for their target to get out pumping gas into their cars before crouching over and opening their car to steal anything possible.

Police advice car drivers not to leave their cars unlocked while pumping gas and, of course, to lock their cars wherever they have to step out. It is also recommended for women to take their purses even if they are at right by their cars.

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Share this important tip with your family and friends and take precautions to protect your valuables!
While it is true that you sometimes cannot prevent robbers from getting into your car, you can keep those thieves’ hands away from your belongings. The best-recommended way to protect yourself from being robbed is hiding your valuable things, or better to not leave them in your vehicle unattended.

Please Share this valuable information with all your friends and family to help them taking proper precautions to protect themselves against “sliders”!