Police officer rushes to dive headfirst into a storm drain to save a trapped puppy

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A sweet little puppy, from Thailand, wandered away from his mom and tumbled down a drainage hole. Residents in this Thai village, Mueang Nakhon Ratchasima District of Thailand, noticed the distressed mom dog and heard the puppy’s cries for help, so they contacted police officers. But because the drain entrance was very small, the mom and Good Samaritans could not reach the poor puppy.

The one-month-old tiny pup slipped into the tiny hole effortlessly, the hole was almost 45 cm deep and 60 cm wide. The tiny puppy would have disappeared if his mother’s desperate cries didn’t capture the attention of everyone else.

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At first, rescuers tried to get the puppy to crawl out on his own by putting sticks down the drainage hole and attract him towards the entrance, but that didn’t work!

After realizing that the pup will not crawl out on his own, an officer decided that the only way to save the puppy was to go into the drainage hole himself. The 54-year-old police officer, Yak Srivijaya, made his mind to save the tiny puppy himself so he jumped into the drainage head first and crawled through the tiny passage to rescue the precious creature. The worried mom watched the rescuing scene anxiously. The mom poked her head into the tunnel watching the team’s rescuing efforts.

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Thanks to the brave police officer, Yak Srivijaya, the mom can rest now because his generous efforts were successful in reuniting the sweet tiny puppy. As a mother, she is certainly grateful for him.

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