Police received a call about a Pit bull dog who was lost, what happened next was unexpected.

It’s amazing when you see police officers doing their best to save dogs. Someone called the police to tell them about a pit bull dog who is making neighbors very worried because of him, people think they are dangerous, he is running all around and people in the neighborhood are very scared of him. When the police arrived, they found a thing that even people didn’t expect.



When the police arrived there, all the officers were absolutely amazed by this, they found that the dog is very kind and lovable, he has an amazing personality, all what he wanted was to play, that’s why he is roaming all around the street.


The officer gave the dog lots of petting and had fun all together playing and bouncing, but it was time to take the Pit bull dog back to his home.


The police officers found that there was a gate open, so the dog passed from it and went out of his home, so the police officers took the pit bull dog back to his loving home.
You have always to keep an eye on your dog so it won’t run away, not each time things will end the way you want it to, so if your pets get lost, any animal clinic should be able to scan the chip with your information on it and give you a call. The microchip is a non-identifying circuit; it’s placed under the dog’s skin or any other animal. It’s in the same size of a rice grain. A radio frequency identification technology is used to identify your pet if it’s in a shelter. Take your pet to the closest vet and microchip your pet, so they never get lost.
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