POWERFUL! She hit a dog with her car, see what happened next.


OH MY GOODNESS! Really, I think my heart stopped when I was watching this video.  This is a very sad video, but there is a twist.  And it does have a happy ending.  I cannot imagine what the lady felt at the beginning when the dog ran in front of her car.  She must have been terribly upset.  Then the twist happens, this video. The one who thought about this joke is brilliant. It started when this lady was driving the car, and in a very instant moment she found a dog running in front of the car, she stopped the car instantly, and she went backward to find out that she really hit the dog, she was completely shocked, she stepped down and went to the dog to check on him, and when she just turned around….you won’t believe what happened then. Press play and enjoy watching.

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The video was uploaded on YouTube and gained a huge success, it gained more than 14 million views, the reviews were very positive, but some of them were full of negativity, because it’s very shocking and breath holding. Some of the viewers commented that it’s not something to joke about because it’s really shocking, and that made the video gain more dislikes. But you can take your breath easily after discovering that this dog is still alive. The video was shared on social media websites and pets’ blogs. Share this video with your family and friends; discuss their opinion in this hilarious twist video.


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