Pregnant dog was a victim of a hit and run..

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A hit and run accident is any accident where the vehicle intentionally leaves the accident scene without any contact information. If you are a victim of a hit and run accident, you will probably feel angry and it can be unclear how to get rectification for your injuries or damages. When someone hits you and drives off you might want to chase them but be careful because this is risky and could cause another accident.

We talk about humans hitting other humans in these hit and run accidents and we are aware that the injured person could possibly ask for help or report the car details to the police. You might be quite lucky to have some witnesses or even one person who can offer help. But what if the injured is a helpless animal? How can it ask for help or call the police?!

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This what happened in this sad accident where a pregnant dog was the victim of a hit and run accident. The pregnant dog, Sherry, was found crippled by the side of the road. She had been hit on the side of her face and had lost the ability to walk or even stand on her own. Frantically attempting to stand but unable to balance, she flailed in distress. She was struggling between the bushes.

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Luckily, a kind hearted girl, Moshka, had seen the whole accident and reported to the Animal Aid Unlimited. Thanks to that compassionate Moshka, Sherry was rescued and her precious life was saved. Animal Aid Unlimited took her to the shelter for examination and she was treated for pain and trauma. After a night spent at the shelter, Sherry had an amazing recovery and was able to walk. She was a little scared but after a while she became relaxed.

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