This pug loves bath time, and it’s very cute.

pug loves bath time

Have you ever seen a dog that is having his own bath before? If you believe that dogs don’t like to bath, then watch this. Barry is a very cute pug, he is having a bath and his owner shared with us the moment, it’s a cuteness overload; bathing dogs can be a very easy thing. This video will make you smile.

if you are a new dog owner and you want the bath mission to be simple and easy, prepare the place you will bath the dog in, then brush the dog, choose a good and suitable shampoo for your dog, wet your dog well then apply the shampoo, massage the shampoo all over the dog’s body, use your thumbs and finger tips for the best results, and after that, wash the dog gradually, starting from the head then the rest of the dog’s body, make sure you wash them well and that there aren’t any shampoo leftovers. Get a big towel and cover the body of the dog, and start rubbing to dry your dog, make sure that he will sit in a warm place to avoid getting cold. If your dog doesn’t like to bath, just prepare some treats, and offer it to your dog while you are bathing him. Now it’s done and your dog is clean.

This pug loves bath time, and it's very cute.

The size, the curly tail, the wrinkled muzzled face of this Pug makes it the cutest and the funniest ever; Pug breed are the oldest breed of dogs. From the pugs’ facts is that they are not too good at swimming because their short limbs and short nose which causes breathing problems, also they are prone of catching cold because of that short nose. Their average of sleep time is about 14 hours per day; they are similar to cats that sleep about 16 hours per day.