Pup is hours away from being euthanized. Then a vet notices her stomach… Unbelievable!


As an animal lover, I feel heartbroken every time I think about helpless animals wandering the streets out there. I wonder why we cannot help all these hungry and abandoned poor animals. The sorrowing answer is that many animal rescue centers are in need of funds.

Unfortunately, these facilities sometimes have to make vets put some animals to sleep. If such rescue shelters have the sufficient funds, things would be much better for the animals that are left to fend for themselves. As a result of overcrowdings in some shelters, some unlucky pups have been scheduled to be euthanized, including Polly, the homeless dog.

Thankfully, a twist of fate occurred when the vets at Texas’ Vet Ranch saved her at the very last moment before being put down to sleep; and the reason was the most unpredictable!


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Few minutes before euthanizing Polly, she underwent some tests at the facility of the nonprofit organization. Surprisingly, an X-ray confirmed that Polly was carrying five babies!

Thank God, the lives of six pups were saved, not only one. Moreover, a stunning miracle was waiting for the staff of the Vet Ranch when they arrived the next morning.

After saving Polly’s life, a pleasant miracle occurred when Polly safely gave birth to five healthy puppies! The good news is that two weeks after birth, Polly and her litter had a foster home to live happily in. Now, all the puppies are ready for moving to the forever homes they deserve.


It is heartwarming to know about such stories of survival. This proud momma dog is a true survivor!

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