Puppy Meets Baby Goat And Tries To Win Her Friendship

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Bud, a 4-month-old English Golden Retriever, went to spend some time with Zoomer, a 4-day-old baby goat. The dog and her goat sibling stayed together and spent the whole night at their owner’s house.

The weather was cold outside, that’s why their owner brought them inside to keep them warm.

Zoomer seemed to enjoy discovering the place and the new things surrounding her.  She was so curious and excited about the big furry friend that was sat nearby. Bud on his turn, was so excited to meet and play with the new cute little friend.


At the 1:20, Bud is obviously trying to catch her attention to play with him. Keep tyring Bud, and I’m pretty sure she’ll be jumping with you in no time, you are too cute to deny too!

We thought you would need an extra dose of cuteness, that’s why we are sharing the two stories below, just to draw big smile on your face.

It’s the first meeting between a Pit bull dog and a little kitten, and it’s miraculous.

4_day_old_goat_meets_4_month_old_puppy (1)

There is nothing more precious than a strong bond between cats and dogs? You will know for sure after you watch this. It’s love at first sight kind of story.  It seems that this black and white kitten had given birth to cute little kittens, so it was the right time for the owners to introduce the new members to the Pit bull dog. What an introduction!

4_day_old_goat_meets_4_month_old_puppy (2)

 Watch the very first meeting between this retired dog and this cute kitten, it couldn’t get any cuter.

Watch the videos posted and you will definitely log off with a smile from ear to ear.

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