Puppy Needs Nothing But Love, And He Definitely Deserves It!

I would never imagine or wish to have an animal friend other than my precious pooch. Dogs are just the most marvelous creatures. They are incredibly loving, loyal, and smart. Among all the animals that share this planet with us, this particular adorable species has an incredible history of love with humans.

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Unfortunately, not all of us, human beings, agree on this. Strangely, some people hate dogs, I can be OK with these haters unless their unexplainable hatred turns into cruelty against these helpless animals. I cannot really understand what these people think of when neglecting or abusing a pup! Who could hurt a creature that would do anything to bring pleasure to our world anyway!

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However, against each dog abuser would stand a thousand of people who truly care for our canine friends and best companions. Whatever the effort or the cost this noble mission could require, there would be many kindhearted groups of humans such as the amazing teams of The Arrow Fund and Prank it FWD. People like these would be always there protecting, treating, and taking care of as many dogs as they could.

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These people are doing a true incredible work for dogs! They do not only take the abused and neglected stray dogs off the streets and provide them with shelter and food, but they even take care of the severely injured and diseased dogs who are almost dying. They provide them with the proper treatment and do everything possible to save these helpless creatures’ lives! Moreover, they find them the forever-loving homes, where they can live surrounded with kindness and respect they deserve!

Watch the amazing video below!

Warning: While it may be distressing to watch some of the initial injuries of the animals in this video, thankfully, they are all safe and happy in their forever homes now!

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