Recognizing These 12 Symptoms Could Save your cat’s life

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There is no doubt that we are responsible for our beloved cats. In addition to giving them our love, a comfortable place to live, and providing them with food and water, it is also our role to take care of their health. Just like any other pet, there are certain symptoms that we can observe in our cats that tell us when they need a medical check.

Surprisingly, the most attentive cat owners may mistakenly think that some of the symptoms listed in this article are pretty normal for cats. However theycan be definitive signs that there is something seriously wrong with your cat.

I love my kitty so much and that is why I was very interested to search about symptoms that could be signs of problems that threaten it. For me, the homework is done. Now it is your turn to read through and you are welcome to share with usyour thoughts in a comment below.


Symptom #1: Unexplained Weight Loss


Weight loss is not a sign of any good thing, it could be a cause of a liver disorder or kidney problems. It also could be a symptom of some other more serious diseases such as diabetes, heart disorder, or cancer.As for weight loss, If your cat loses 10 percent of its weight, take it to see a vet right away.

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