Remember Zeus, he dog with acid burns on his back? His story is about to have a happy ending.

Do you still remember Zeus? The most beautiful dog? What happened to Zeus is so shocking and heartbreaking; I’ve never seen such a horrible thing in my entire life, there are heartless people living in this world, hurting animals so badly, their sick minds destroying those pure souls. This story was having two faces, but the truth is revealed now. SNARR, The Special Needs Animal Rescue & Rehabilitation center in Louisiana, posted the horrible photos of Zeus on their official Facebook page, saying that in Egypt, someone had thrown acid on a dog named Zeus and they are doing their best to bring this dog to their location in Louisiana to help him. As they said, Zeus the dog will be flying on Sunday, to get the surgeries and the medical care he needs. Zeus’s pictures are very heartbreaking. Those are the pictures that SNARR had posted lately.



The traveling of Zeus was delayed many times, so he got his treatment in a rescue shelter in Egypt. And surprisingly, here is Zeus now, getting ready to fly, he will be coming in the next few days to SNARR location to get adopted and live in her forever home with her beloved owner.

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Thousands of horrible animal abuses accidents happen every day in Egypt, animals there are living under horrible circumstances. There are many animal shelters in Egypt, but they don’t have enough medical or financial resources, which makes it hard to save severe cases. Any activity for animals’ rescuing is not supported by the Egyptian government. Also, there aren’t any laws in Egypt’s constitution protecting animals or penalizing any animal abuser.

If you are willing to help SNARR in saving more dogs from Egypt and from all over the world, you can donate now on their websitewww.snarranimalrescue.org

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