Rescuer Finds A Puppy So Starved She Can’t Stand And Help Her Get Back To Life!

Puppy found so starved she can’t even stand, makes incredibly remarkable recovery

When this dog, Barilla, was brought into a rescue center in Granada, Spain, her organs were so close to failing and her bones were protruding through her skin. This poor starved pup was barely able to stand or walk, she was like a bag of bones with so little muscles in her body. Thankfully, an animal lover spotted her, and took her to an animal rescue center.

Seven weeks later, Eduardo Rodriguez was so proud of Barilla’s remarkable recovery. Rodriguez is an amazingly kindhearted man; he is the owner of the rescue center, and what he, and his rescue team, did to save Barilla’s life, is truly heartwarming for any animal lover.

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Seven weeks ago, Barilla was brought to an animal rescue center in Granada, Spain. She was starving. Her organs were close to failing, and her bones were protruding through her skin.  2

The puppy was so desperate for anyone to help her. She was not even able to walk or stand, because she had no muscle mass to carry her own weight.3

Eduardo Rodriguez, the kindhearted owner of the Spanish recue center, showed up in time and rescued the helpless pup. He decided to adopt the abused puppy, and nursed her until she recovered back to health.

The female sick pooch was extremely thin, so she was named after the famous Barilla spaghetti. She weighed only 16 lbs; and when the vet first saw her, he admitted that he was not sure if she would make it. The staff at the rescue center knew that Barilla could suffer from organ failure at any time.

Mr. Rodriguez explained, “She had been so starved of food and water when we took her in that all she could move was her head and her tail. She didn’t have any muscle mass.”

He also added “I have been rescuing dogs since I was a child and I’m used to seeing them in a bad way but I have never seen an animal in such a terrible state as Barilla. The vet said we were lucky we got her when we did because she might not have survived another night. We put her on a drip for six hours before we started feeding her. We made her a type of harness to help her walk so she could gain muscle mass because she couldn’t support her own weight,”4

The little puppy had marks on her paws and legs, which are thought to be the result of dragging her body around. With her bones sticking out, she was at the brink of death when she was brought to the rescue center.5

Barilla only weighed 16 lbs. Although she had been immediately hooked up to a drip, the rescue team was afraid that she could suffer organ failure any time. The poor puppy could not move but her head and her tail.6

Barilla has been hooked up to the drip for six hours before her rescuers were able to feed her. Thankfully, she was soon capable of standing up to drink.

In the video footage below, you can see Barilla right after she was rescued. She could barely look up at the camera, and is only able to wag her tail. She was too weak to eat normally, so the rescue team laid down a basket for her to make it easier for her to feed herself. Although she gained 8.8 lbs in weight after her first week in the rescue center, she was still unable to stay on her feet and fell to the floor when she tried to do so.

Barilla had more healthy food, and after seven weeks of bringing her in, this Belgian Malinois mix had been seen as an absolutely new dog. The hearts of more than two million Facebook users were touched when they watched the video of Barilla’s remarkable transformation.

After this terrible nightmare ended and Barilla became eventually safe, Mr. Rodriguez announced that he adopted Barilla, after he fell in love with her.7

The staff in the rescue center thought this 10-month-old puppy had been mistreated since her birth. It was thought that Barilla used to eat from rubbish before she was deprived from food and water.8

Barilla could not support her own weight when she was brought into the rescue center. She could not even raise her head to eat normally, so she had to eat while lying down in a basket.9

To make Barilla gain weight, her rescuers feed her five to six times a day. The wonderful workers at Granada animal rescue center exerted incredible effort to help Barilla reach a weight of 46 lbs.

Now, Barilla is living with Mr. Rodriguez, his wife, and 14-year-old daughter, along with other 5 dogs.

Mr. Rodriguez says that, “I have got five dogs at home with Barilla but she is the first proper companion I have had since my old pet Boxer dog Turco died in an accident five years ago. Her will to live was amazing and I felt a connection with her the moment I saw her.”

Barilla’s recovery has been staggering. From the third or fourth day, she was eating five or six times a day and putting on 2lbs a day in weight. She is now 46lbs and is on the road to a full recovery. When any one looks at her before and after photos , they will hardly believe she is the same dog.

“We are inseparable now. She is so intelligent and obedient. The first day I saw her I told my colleagues I was going to keep her and that is the way it’s been,” The 37-year-old man added.10

During this time, the staff at Granada animal rescue center is still investigating how Barilla was so badly abused. They are eager to find the person responsible for this terrible animal cruelty and denounce them for what they did.11

Eduardo, Barilla’s new owner, said that he took the decision to adopt the Belgian Malinois mix once he saw her for the first time.12

While a villager in town told the police that he had seen the puppy earlier, the circumstances around her abuse are yet unknown. Officials are still investigating and trying to find the person responsible for this crime.

Victoria Molina, a fellow worker at Dog House rescue center, said, “I cannot imagine why anyone would want to starve such a beautiful creature as Barilla. We are still investigating how she came to be in this state with a view to denouncing the person responsible for animal cruelty. We were called by the local police who said the man who had her had supposedly found her like that.”13

Barilla after recovery: seven weeks after her recovery, looking like a different dog. She had wolfed down food more than what she had ever seen during her 10- month- nightmare.14

Eduardo described Barilla’s recovery as ‘remarkable’, and said that her will to live must have been ‘staggering’ in order to survive her horrific ordeal15

Center owner Eduardo Rodriguez and his wife Carolina Lopez Gonzalez with Barilla after they have adopted her.

Mr. Rodriguez added, “For me this is a unique case and we want to get to the bottom of what’s happened. It is may be difficult to prove who is responsible because Barilla did not have a microchip but we and the local police are going to try. I was in a state of shock when I first set eyes on her. The vet said several times during her recovery that he’d never seen such a swift transformation and that most normal dogs would have died.”

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