Man Risks His Life To Save A Helpless Dog Drowning In A Raging River


On the side of Washington’s Nooksack River, a poor dog stuck helplessly in a dangerous spot. While nobody knew how long he had to stay there waiting for someone to rescue him, he was so lucky getting the attention of a woman who was hiking along the river. When the woman heard his barks begging for help, she could spot him, and she realized that it was impossible for her to cross the raging river to reach him. Therefore, she called the local animal services.


Thankfully, the Washington State Animal Response Team (WASART) responded fast, and sent a team to save the stuck pup’s life. Although it was a tough a mission, the amazing rescuers did not give up until bringing the pooch back to safety. Scroll down to see the photos of this incredible rescue!

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According to Michaela Eaves, the WASART spokesperson, “This kind of Swiftwater rescue missions is so dangerous and needs more than just being prepared with tools. It requires so much focus since only six inches of the running water could knock a man down.”


“In fact, the only way to accomplish a Swiftwater rescue successfully is to do it by the hands of professional and highly trained persons, who know exactly how to work together as a team and have much trust in each other” Michaela added.

Luckily, these professional rescuers were there for that pooch just in time. They knew how to navigate carefully through the running river to bring him out to safety.


The Washington State Animal Response Team gave more details about this rescue on their Facebook page. They wrote how they had to split into small teams to accomplish the mission successfully. In fact, it is surprising how crossing a quarter of a mile to bring the stuck dog could be that complicated. In addition to the kayakers and the swift water team who crossed the river to secure the pooch, there was an observer for the operation, a lookout for the kayakers, and a throw bag team.

Once the dog saw the rescue team, he barked at the swift water team while wagging his tail. All the rescuers immediately started taking their positions, and the desperate dog slipped down the riverbank trying to make the way shorter for them.

Ed and Marcia began crossing the running river bravely. Marcia crossed first, and Ed met her sooner, that is when the dog approached them as he could.


Eventually, the rescuers could hold the dog and muzzled him to cross the river back safely. The dog trusted them, besides he was so scared for his life as he did not object to the policy of his saviors with a single growl!

According to the organization, “Marcia used one hand to keep the dog’s head above the water and used the other hand to hold on the raft. Right after they reached the other side, the pooch shook himself off.”


After saving the dog from that scary situation, the rescuers took the pooch immediately to the vet to check on him. He was rather good but a bit underweight. Although he had a collar, there is no tag or chip. He is settling now at Whatcom Humane Society, but unfortunately, there is no info about his owner yet.


While this rescue story is truly incredible, there are many other untold inspiring stories of saving dogs’ lives. Thanks to the amazing rescuers who do not hesitate to put their life on the line to help those adorable creatures!

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