Rhino the hippo baby takes his first run.

Dublin zoo s baby rhino goes for his first run

The Dublin Zoo has a baby hippo named Rhino; it was time for him to go for his first run.  Before this video, he would stand and then flop down, but the workers were anxious to see him run. Finally it was the time to see him.  This is a video about the survival of the species.   It is about poaching and conservation.  There are many underlying stories.  Watch to see the baby Rhino going for his first run and you will learn about survival, poaching, and conservation. It will draw a smile on your face.

Hippopotamus are one of the biggest animals ever, the ancient Greeks named it “river horse” because they really do love water, they could spend about 16 hours daily in rivers and lakes. Their life span is about 40 to 50 years. Hippos weigh about 25 to 50 for newborns, and 1,300 to 1500 kg for adults, it’s real huge.

The video was uploaded on YouTube by Dublin Zoo channel and it gained thousands of views, so don’t forget to share this priceless moments between your family and friends.


Dublin zoo is one of the best zoos in Ireland, and one of the attracting visits for tourists and Irish people. The zoo first opened on 1831, hippos are one of the animals which you can find in the African Plains, it’s the park of African animals in Dublin zoo, you can see also in the African plains some zebras, giraffes, wild African dogs, and gorillas.