ROFL!! This funny Doberman is scared from a stuffed puppy toy!!

1-27-2015 11-21-49 AM

How cute!  I have never seen a Doberman afraid of a three inch stuffed animal.  The owner playfully torments the Doberman by making little barking sounds and moving the stuffed animal.  He took the ball he was tugging, also played with it. The Doberman’s reaction is to bark and jump away from it like he is afraid. In a moment you feel the barking was like “give me the ball” so the stuffed dog replies “no I won’t, come and get it”. Even when the owner showed himself to the dog, the dog is still afraid of the stuffed animal.  It is a very funny video!

1-27-2015 11-22-14 AM

Doberman is one of the best dog breeds, their life span is about 10 to 11 years, it weighs from 27 to 45 kg, and the males are heavier than the females. The country of origin is Germany. The Doberman is strong, full of energy; they are loyal and protective, also very easy to train.


This video is super famous, after the video was uploaded on YouTube it reached 14.9 million views, it was shared widely on internet and social media websites, and pets blogs. Yes, the Doberman was awesome, he deserves the success. It’s a perfect video, you will laugh hardly, so don’t forget it to share it between family and friends and share the laughter with them. The viewers commented about the short tail of the Doberman but actually it had been cut off, because in some dogs it grows way too much, which causes healthy problems.