Russian man saves a dog from an elevator accident

1-27-2015 1-31-05 PM

OH MY GOODNESS! This was hard to watch.  Thank goodness for the man and his quick reaction.  It could have turned out much worse.  The poor lady who went into the elevator was probably devastated when the dog ran out.  She probably does not even know the dog is all right.  I hope she returns quickly to get him. She must be terrified till she finds it is ok. This is an incredible rescue by a man who happened to be in the right place at the right time.

1-27-2015 1-31-29 PM

It starts when the lady stopped the elevator, when its door was open she took her pug dog into the elevator, but suddenly, the dog ran out at the moment the door of the elevator was closed, the leash started to go up with the elevator but both the dog and the women were lucky, this man was their so he catche the dog and cut the leash. This man saved the dog from a certain death. It’s a little bit scary when you just imagine if that man wasn’t there.

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The accident was recorded on the security camera in the building. Watch to see the Russian man rescue the poor dog from death.


After the video was uploaded on YouTube, its views reached 500,000 views with thousands of shares and reviews. It was shared widely on social media websites and pets’ blogs. Share it with your friends and family, and don’t forget to take care of safety instructions while using elevators even if you have pets or not.