Russians leave a treat right outside a strange hole in the wild. But they didn’t expect meeting with this!

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No matter who you are, or where you are coming from, there are so many adventures out there beyond your suburban homes. Every time you get a chance to wander a new landscape, get prepared to encounter some amazingly incredible new things that you have never seen before. Besides the so much fun having time with friends in the wild nature, heading distant lands, and hiking tops of mountains are about being in the middle of “it”. Scroll down to know about whom this group of Russian friends met in the wild!

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The arctic Russian tundra is such amazing place to hike with friends, and possibly, to make new friends, unexpected ones actually! When a nature-loving group was hiking through that beautiful wild area, they came across a rather large ground hole. It was obvious to them that it is an entry to the house of a wild animal! But they were wondering about the kind of the animal. Therefore, they decided to trick the unknown critter to show off!

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They knew that hole is inhabited. Therefore, they began to film this amazing short clip below, after they placed a bit of food as an attracting bait right outside the opening. Afterwards, they waited for their yummy offering to be accepted, so that unknown critter yet comes out to get it!

Surprisingly, a ground squirrel came running from a different direction towards the hole! It seems like he knew that group of friendly-looking humans were gathering in front of his door for a good reason! At first, he rushed jumping into his hole, but a second later, the little guy surprised them doing the most unexpected thing! Luckily, he just did it right in the front of the camera!


Source: Arctic ground squirrel loves to be on camera by attila on Rumble

Watch the below video yourself, and tell us in comments below if you have ever had such an encounter!

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