Russia’s Dobrynia will continue the heroic fight of France’s Diesel against terrorism


As a sign of solidarity with the people of France, Russia has donated a puppy to carry on the heroic memory of Diesel, the 7 years old Belgian Malinois police dog was killed in a suicide bombing.

The little Russian puppy, Dobrynia, has been sent by the Russian government to Paris to be trained to continue Diesels fight against terrorism.

Diesel used to work with the French anti-terror unit which is known as RAID. Last Wednesday, the dog was sent ahead of her human colleagues to check into a building in Saint Denis where Abdelhamid Abaaoud, the master mind of Paris massacre, was hiding.  Upon the their arrival, a suicide bomber blew her self up and Diesel was killed in the blast.

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The French people are sad about the death of Diesel, the hero “assault and explosives” search dog. Diesel’s terrorist attack has sparked the Russian Government’s sympathy; Putin ordered to send the tiny puppy Dobrynia to France to eventually join the RAID team.

For extra luck, the tiny German shepherd has been given the name of Dobrynia, one of most legendary Russian heroes. He was a man who personified courage, strength, love, and self-sacrifice. Dobrynya Nikitich was Putin’s uncle and tutor, later transformed into invincible bogatyr (knight) in the Russian Folklore.


Some pictures of Dobrynia have been shared on social networks by the Russian Interior Ministry, with written texts explaining Russia’s gift to France.

In the letter, Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev said: ‘I ask you to accept from Russian’s police dog handlers this shepherd puppy, who will be able to take his place in the ranks of Diesel, your dog who died doing his duty.’