Sasha the dog was found injured; see her amazing rescue and recovery.

2-18-2015 6-43-01 PM

During the first week that humane society of the United States started a campaign of rescuing dogs, they did rescue about 65 dogs and puppies, they were all living in very miserable conditions, and don’t get any kind of basic care. They are in need of water and food and all these essential elements to live.

Between the 65 dogs that were rescued, there was that beautiful little girl, her rescuers named her Sasha, when they found her at the first time she tried to run away, but she was saved. She had a broken leg, which hurt her painfully while she is trying to run or walk, but now, Sasha’s life is about to get better. She is getting her special medical care, with some treatments and wet dog food just to courage her and get her excited, she is finally trusting her rescuers. They offer her lots of love and care, it will be amazing to give Sasha a better chance to live a happy and a normal life with no pain, let’s hope she recovers as soon as possible.

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Something here in this video will make you feel comfortable, when you see that people out there are saving and caring for these animals. Some people out there are saving those pure souls from some human monsters. Those people have devoted their life to help animals in need. They are there, making a change; they are a blessing on this planet.

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