Scared Dog Didn’t Know Her Secret Hiding Spot Would Change Her Life


Lieutenant Tom Van Dorn who is part of the Phoenix Police force was surprised to find  a  pack of stray Chihuahuas running in the middle of the street. They were worried about the Chihuahuas’ safety, so he beeped his horn to warn them away.  Three of the Chihuahuas ran away before he could get out of his car, while one of them ran under his car.

Frantic, Lt. Van Dorn rushed to look for the dog and was surprised by what he saw.

“I’m a dog owner, I’m also a huge animal lover in general particularly when it comes to dogs”.


He continued to explain that, as a police officer, it is not only his job to take care of humans but to protect animals in need as well.

Tom was adamant to save this little scared Chihuahua. Sadly, she was too frightened to get out of her hiding place, she wouldn’t allow him to get any closer. She was extremely scared even when someone offered her a hot dog, she didn’t get out of her hiding place!


After about 30 minutes, local Animal Control officers rescued her and took her to the shelter.  Gratefully, she was safe and unharmed. However, as you can see in the video below, this adorable Chihuahua is still very terrified.

She didn’t have a microchip nor she had any tags on her. Workers at the shelter named her “Tahoe” who was only six months old. If her owners didn’t show up or located, she will be put up for adoption soon from Maricopa County Animal Care and Control.


Share her story with your family and friends, help her get a forever home! I mean who wouldn’t love to bring this adorable little puppy into their home?!

Feature image via Phoenix Police Department/Facebook.

h/t ABC 15 News.