Scared Puppy Won’t Stop Crying Until Amazingly Kindhearted Vet Holds And Whispers Her!

Any animal lover would be so much elated to know about the BARCS Animal Shelter. It is the largest in Baltimore, and it is the perfect destination for any animal in need. In BARCS shelter, there is a professional team of vets assisted by amazing volunteers. They give the ultimate care to any animal makes it to their door, and Meesha is no exception!

Meesha is an adorable puppy who has just received the health care she needed from some of the most talented vets in BARCS and, probably, the world. She was already healthy and doing great, but this did not prevent her from feeling nervous and scared when she found herself in the middle of strangers.

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Dennis held Meesha and whispered to her “it’s not too bad”

Although the little puppy was safe and in good caring hands, she did not consider this fact enough to be calm. She felt weird with many strangers around., and she was terribly afraid and began to cry and whimper. Fortunately for Meesha, her response was totally understandable by a certain vet, Surgical Assistant Dennis Moses.

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They gave Meesha the medical care she deserves

When Dennis heard little Meesha’s cries of fear, he carried her to a more quiet place. That is where a volunteer witnessed these incredible moments in person. Luckily for us, animal lovers, the volunteer acted spontaneously and recorded this precious scene with their camera. Just watch that heartwarming moment in the video below, and learn the unbelievable way Dennis used to calm Meesha! In my opinion, this way would certainly work to calm any frightened animal!


The most cheering news came only a few days after this incredible video was posted, Meesha has her loving new forever home. I hope she would be given only the life that any animal deserves!

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Via Daily Mail