See what this Boston terrier dog did when his owner asked him to SMILE!

3-7-2015 11-33-31 PM

There are so many ways dogs can show that they are happy, like wagging their tails, or smiling like this, it’s amazing to see your dog happy, and it’s awesome to train your dog on smiling, and this is what this owner did, he trained his Boston terrier dog on smiling, each time he ask his Boston terrier dog to smile, the dog smiles, then his owner offers him a treat. Isn’t it amazing to train your dog to be happy? I found myself smiling with this little Boston terrier dog.

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A lot of people ask the question if really dogs smile; they actually show happiness in lots of different ways without using their mouth. Maybe he would pose like he is smiling, but it’s not really a smile it just looks like one. Dogs have their own body language to show how they feel, and maybe it applies more at their mouths. They also show happiness in their waggy tail; it’s a sign of happiness. And by rolling their body around on the floor, or pose their ears upwards. All those things are signs of happiness; if you saw your dog doing any of them then he must have had a happy moment.

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Boston terrier dogs are cute and medium sized, their weight is about 4 to 11 kg, and their life span is from 11 to 15 years on average. They have a short nose; it’s very dangerous to use a collar to take your Boston terrier dog where you want because it will harm its neck. Boston terrier dogs are loving and gentle, full of energy and playful. The Boston terrier dogs have a short nose which makes it not able to cool the air like those dogs that have long or big ones and they also snore, snort and drool.