See how cute cinnamon annoys her sisters. Adorably cute

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Nothing is as cute and adorable as puppies are, especially when they are funny like this chubby, furry, and fluffy puppy is. Cinnamon is the name, a cute and charming puppy, she had a hiccup, in every way we see it as an annoying thing but when it comes to Cinnamon, we think it’s the most adorable hiccup ever.

But Mighty and Misty had another opinion, they think their sister is very annoying, it’s the worst thing could happen to both of them especially when they are taking a nap outside in the sunshine and fresh air with no interruption. But sorry guys, cinnamon destroyed all your wishes of a peaceful nap. The funny thing is that she didn’t stop at this point of being noisy, she went to wake them up like she is saying “Oh guys wake up I have a hiccup!” Nothing is peaceful and quite with the cute and energetic Cinnamon around.

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Raising a puppy is the sweetest thing ever, you are very lucky, because simply the best thing about raising a puppy is to see how they are exploring life and experiencing everything in it. The most important thing in raising a puppy is to keep a camera ready, to capture the best moments

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Watch this video below and see the cute cinnamon, and if you find it joyful, share this video with your family and friends.