See how that dog changes the path of the game.


This dog is the funniest of all, he is adorable. All he wants is to have fun and play games. On a normal sunny day, that college soft ball game is set between western Oregon and Simon Fraser University; all the players were girls and they are concentrating in the serious exciting game. Till something surprisingly hilarious yet interrupting and annoying; that pit bull came out, and broke all the concentration of the players. Apparently, he wants to be a part of the game so he stole two players’ gloves.

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One of the players looked like she is scared, but it didn’t matter to him. He kept on running around the outfields, no one could stop him, then he threw the gloves like he just lost interest in it, then he kept on running and zigzagging till he got another chance to steal another one AGAIN!!

Between all the laughter of the players, one of the trainers stopped the dog at the outfield and the game proceeded, thank god there weren’t any cops on the playground, but the good thing is he just went for the gloves.

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