See the five most dog friendly cities in America!


Dogs are the most wonderful creatures on earth, they are absolutely mesmerizing and loyal, and they have got that kind look that when they give it to you, they melt your heart away. Dogs are joyful furry things that move around making all of us laugh, smile and learn lessons. When I hear stories about dogs that are abandoned, I wonder how someone can hate such beautiful animals. But we all know how humans are; we do not really appreciate the good things in life.

However, in America, there are cities that are dog friendly, and these are the most 5 dog friendly cities.

1-Portland, OR: To be honest, I wouldn’t mind living there! This city has daycare for dogs, hotels even! There are trainers, groomers, and more! Dogs that live there are definitely lucky!

2-Austin, TX: It has lots of events for dogs! They say that there’s an even in which you get to spend an hour with a pooch, in a coffee shop, every month. That’s an enough reason to already love the city!

3-Minneapolis, MN: Like most of the cities listed here, Minneapolis also offers dog hotels, restaurants, and shops. They also have lots of off leash parks, but what makes it so special is the Pet Festival! Not enough? You can always have your dog on a boat to explore the sea together!

4-Ashville, NC: An annual fashion show? For canines? Awesome is an understatement. Some boutiques even offer fresh baked goods and photography for your pal! There is also a special outdoor seating for your favorite four legged best friend. Is that dogs’ heaven or what?

5-Boulder, CO: Did you know that when registering your dog in the city limits, you’re not considered his owner? Nope, you’re considered his legal guardian. How lovely is that?

Also it offers several off leash parks, which is always an amazing thing!

I just wish that every other city takes the time to be dog friendly too. So, was your city in the list? Share it with your friends and see if their city is on the list!