See what jack the pit bull dog did to save his cat friend!


Dogs usually show us how they really are, the caretaker, Jack the Pit bull, and thank to jack for saving kitty. The story is told by Sherree Lewis; she said that he is taking care of Kitty every day and sniffs her; both of them are the family’s favorite pets. Both are rescuers, Jack is her son’s dog, she is taking care of him till her son came back from Afghanistan, and now jack is the family’s second hero. The story besides saving Kitty is that the coyotes are over in the forest in front of her house; Sherree said that one had Kitty by the neck and the other had her by the tail, they were shaking her violently, but Jack was ready for a fight.

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She was surprised by the way Jack ran, he was so fast, and bravely he got them to drop kitty, and then Sherree rushed to the vet and kitty couldn’t walk till then. Turns out she had a broken tooth and she is treated for brain swelling, but Sherree says that kitty is so lucky if we compared her condition to other stories.

Sherree and her neighbors and family called a trapper who works on setting traps behind their houses, that is the area that coyotes ran to or they believe they are living there.

Now jack is the standing guard, he never leaves kitty’s side; he is there to protect her.


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