See what this cat made on the first meeting with another cat.

12-18-2014 1-35-24 AM

I can’t stop laughing on this; actually, I have repeated this video for many times. It seems that those cats are in their first meeting. The first cat is living already in the house, and the second one is the new cat. The first one hid beside the chair when she saw the big cat, what happened next is absolutely funny. The cat rose up to see the new cat, it seems that the cat is very scared. She hides down again; the way the old cat had reacted is absolutely hilarious. Watch the video by yourself below. If you liked it, share it with your family and friends.

Helping the new cat to get used to the old cat is not a difficult thing at all, but it needs to be patient and carful. First, put the new cat in a closed room, choose a good space, put food and water for her, prepare a place to sleep. Bring two new socks, rub each cat with one, and give each cat the sock that the other was rubbed with; by this step, you are giving your cat the chance to smell each other. When both cats finish smelling it, don’t take it, just leave the socks beside them so they get used to the smell. After that, hide the old cat and bring the new one out, give this one a chance to explore the house. Then let the first meeting happen, if you found that they are well behaved, reward them with a treat, if they have not behaved well, put every cat in her own place, and try this every day. It needs patience and work. Cats are good and kind, but it’s hard for them to bring a partner in their life and their home, and mostly her owner.