See what this huge dog did when his owner gave LOVIES to the other dog

9-15-2014 1-06-21 AM

It’s a funny and cute video but first of all, the most marked and recognizable thing at this video is how huge these dogs are. They are so big, but spoiled.

Pets are jealous from each other sometimes, and now it’s the turn on one of them to get some love from daddy, oh such a big baby. When the owner started to pet the dog and cuddle with him, the other dog started to get jealous and throws a tantrum, so her owner explained to her and gave her some kind words to calm her, he told her “it’s Roro’s turn to get lovies”, it’s way too cute.

All dogs do have feelings, and jealousy is one of them, some psychologists, from the University of California, videotaped 36 dogs action when they find their owners ignoring them and playing with a plastic stuffed dog, and they found that over three quarters of the dogs was jealous and they tried to get between their owners and the stuffed animal.

1-27-2015 11-30-40 PM

The funniest act of all is when the black dog felt like failing to take some lovies and threw himself on the couch and decided to give up. I think this video should be in America’s home video.

Laziness is not just a human being moral, it is the same for dogs here; watch this video of the cute Visla who hates to be woken up, also this video of the amazing greyhound who is preparing his comfortable bed because it’s time to take a nap. Enjoy watching.

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