See what this loyal dog did when he thought that his owner is drowning.

12-16-2014 5-13-25 PM

The best thing in this life is to have a loyal dog. This loyal dog simply proved that a dog is a man’s best friend when his owner found that it’s a good time to play a trick on his loyal dog. His owner was swimming in the pool then he started to hide underwater, both of the dogs were totally freaked out and became upset, they thought that their owner is really drowning. They started to bark, then the owner came back to the surface, his friend asked him to repeat it again, so he started to hide again and act like he is drowning, there is a dog that was freaked out more than his friend. The loyal dog first started to bark then he jumped out into the water to save his friend who he thought was drowning. So precious, isn’t it?

If you want loyalty, get a dog. It’s a simple quote that shows us the honest morals that a dog has. Every day, dogs present to us many examples of loyalty and faithfulness; relationships are stronger and deeper with dogs than between humans around you. They keep on defending, loving, and caring about their owners.

If you think that dogs become loyal because they need a reward, or their true need for a home, a friend or food, think again. The relation between a dog and human is not ruled with needs; it comes from the nature of dogs itself, then try it yourself. Even if you stayed away for a while, your dog’s love for you will be the same. How many videos have we seen before about how dogs react when they meet their friends after a long period of time, maybe even years? They live by the bond of love and loyalty, the bond that is between the human and the dog.