See what this mother dog did when she saw rescuers taking her puppy.

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It’s very heartwarming to see rescuers in Hope for Paws doing their best to save animals in need. They received a text message about two dogs living near a busy freeway, so volunteers decided to go and help them immediately. When they arrived to the place, they located the two dogs, they are a mom and her puppy, but each one of them was on a side of the street, so the two volunteers decided to act quickly to prevent the two dogs from running away.

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The volunteer got out of the car and ran quickly towards the puppy and caught him, when the mother heard the screams of her baby, she ran towards him, but because she was very worried, she hid in the bush and watched what he will do to her puppy. They wanted her to see that they are here to save her and her puppy. The volunteer put the leash on him, and took him away.
They tried to figure out a way to get the mom out of the bush, so he asked the people who were feeding her to help! They helped her to get out and petted her, they were calming her down, the volunteer took the chance and gave the leash to one of the people, and it was done successfully, they showed the mother that her puppy was safe, and they took both dogs to the vet center immediately

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The kind people who were feeding her, named her Oreo, and her puppy Cookie Monster. When they arrived to the vet, the met Jordan, you can read his rescue story by clicking here. Now you can help Oreo and Cookie Monster find their homes by visiting


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