Seeing This Puppy Doing This Will Melt Your Heart

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Besides being the most loyal creatures on earth, dogs are one of the funniest too! This sweet Chihuahua puppy was surrendered at a very young age due to a deformity of his tiny front legs. When his owner starts this adorable punch fight, this sweet little puppy gives back the most adorable and beautiful punches with his trainer at The Mia Foundation.

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And for our loving fans we collect the cutest videos for the most loving creatures ever! Here as a beginning start with, this is the puppy who thought her owner was sad and for that he made something amazing to please him. This puppy is one of the sweetest ever. I am absolutely sure when you watch this video, you will think about getting a puppy. Look at how the puppy is opening its mouth. Isn’t it adorable? I am sure that you won’t stop laughing at the expression! This is what puppies are really like, they feel the same way we feel. The owner couldn’t hold his laughter in, so he expressed it loudly when he saw the puppy’s imitation.

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Then you will love to watch again, This dog’s reaction when he first meets his family’s new addition! Bringing a new baby into the house is the cutest thing and the best blessing of all. It feels amazing to watch your family grow by bring a new member who you will share your next memories. The adding that a newborn baby gives, is so loving and tender.

As a sweet ending, This Owner Is Kissing His Puppy, What The ShibaInu Tried To Do Is The Cutest Ever!

Now you are about to see the cutest, most adorable video ever, for me, I’ve never seen something like this and I wish I could just have an adorable dog like this one. This owner is kissing his ShibaInu puppy, and at the same time, this ShibaInu puppy is trying to lick him, but this cutie can’t decide the perfect timing to give his owner a lick..

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