She Asks Her Little Dog If He Wants Some Food… Now Watch His Reaction.

Singer Veronica Ballestrini’s dog – just like any other dog – when he’s hungry, he’s hungry. He also seems to understand what the word ‘food’ means. When Ballestrini mentions the word, Cash, her dog, goes absolutely wild! He starts making hilarious noises and squirms in her arms. The cute little Yorkshire Terrier just loves food and would definetly not say no to a juicy piece of meat.

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Any dog owner would understand the feeling when your dog is hungry and you serve him food and he runs to his bowl and starts munching away happily. It’s the best feeling ever. You feel protective of your doggy and satistfied that you’re able to feed him and make him happy. It’s also an incredible feeling when your dog finishes his food, licks his mouth and looks at you adoringly. Dog owners will relate to that feeling. It’s like you’re on cloud nine. Especially if your dog decided to cuddle against you and give you an innocent grateful puppy eye look. You’ll be completely smitten!

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That’s the thing about dogs. They always amaze you in the most extraordinary ways. They make you discover parts of yourself that you didn’t know about. They give yo joy, happiness, a sense of fulfilment and satisfaction. They provide us with a reason to live for. They are more than just pets. They are the closest thing to humanity, without being human at all.

God bless dogs all around the globe. And let’s hope that a day will come when no dog will be abused or abandoned. It would be a day worthy of celebration when no stray dog would ever be food searching the streets for leftover food. Nothing is as heart breaking as a hungry dog. If we don’t show mercy to our parteners in creation, then humanity would surely fail.

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