She babysits a baby goat, then her little brothers show up… AWESOME!

There is no doubt that it is a big responsibility to babysit a baby. Regardless of who you are, your experience in life, or where you are in the world, it takes a huge trust to promise to take good care of a kid while their parents are away. You may think this mission is restricted to us, but it turned out that humans are not the only species who are familiar with babysitting!

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Betty is an adorable Pyrenean Mountain dog, and she seems to have a good knowledge of what it takes to be a good mom. She can look after babies like a professional babysitter can do, even if these babies are not actually hers!

Betty keeps her eye on one little goat that slowly approaches her and suddenly hops up on her back! Obviously, this baby goat still has a trouble with balancing, and this is why Betty looks very concerned to ensure everyone’s safety during playtime.

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When two other little goats show up and join their sister, it seems like one of the most adorable farm scenes you can ever see. These adorable kids look a bit energetic, but Betty seems very trustful with this challenge. As you can see, her personality obviously looks like the perfect match with the job. I know some humans kids who would enjoy being with this experienced babysitter!

Watch this impressive babysitter pup in action with the hyperactive baby goats!

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