She begins trimming this poodle’s matted fur. But when she finishes? Unbelievable!

There are so many homeless pups who have to wait for long in their kennels before they have a real chance to find the forever homes they deserve. Many of these waiting pups were once living with human families, but unfortunately, a problem could occur in the plan. Thank God for the wonderful workers and dedicated volunteers of the rescue organizations, who work extremely hard to give these homeless pups a real second chance at life. Peace of Mind Dog Rescue (POMDR) is one amazingly caring organization, and this video of them is just awesome!

Scroll down to find out how this awesome group brings a lot of love into the lives of these adorable creatures!

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It is sad to think that some adorable pets end up abandoned. The reasons can be simply, unwanted. People can neglect their pets for moving to a no-pet policy apartment, or lack the money to afford them, but it hurts regardless of the reason.

It is heartwarming to know about the amazing work of this group of caring angels. POMDR achieved a lot of success with love, and they have many wonderful stories of pups who got a true second chance to find their loving forever homes.

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Lucky and Patches were once homeless, but now, things cannot get even better. Lucky is a 7-year-old pup, his hair was extremely matted that he could barely walk. However, he now lives with a wonderful family who was excited to give him the love he deserves.

Patches, the 6-year-old beagle, has lost her hair after eating a lot of unhealthy food and living indoors for a very long time. Thankfully, Peace of Mind Dog Rescue saved her, too.

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In addition to Lucky and Patches, who were able to get the loving forever homes they deserved, POMDR has also done stunning work in saving dozens of dogs, treating them properly, and helping them to be adopted.

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